Scrap Car Waste Crime and the Web

According to the MVDA there are over 1,500 illegal car breakers and dismantlers operating in the UK, many of which use the internet to do business. As these scrap dealers are unregulated, the standard of practice at their locations inevitably harm the environment. They also create unbalanced market conditions and undermine the legitimate facilities efforts in providing a sustainable environmental impact.

Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs) are the only centres legally permitted to dispose of scrap cars, as they can deal with hazardous parts, like oil and batteries. Vehicles must be disposed of at a recycling centre with an ATF licence, as these are the only places authorised to issue the Certificate of Destruction (CoD). Recycling your car anywhere else is a criminal offence.

The nature of the internet means crooks can make their websites look legitimate, but there are dead giveaways. CoDs can be misrepresented as ‘Destruction Certificates’ or ‘Certificates of Collection’; some links on the website may not work and offers of cash are generously higher than other legal companies. Some work to gain your trust by ‘offering advice’ but these are often scams to get you to give your car up for free.

The MVDA work tirelessly at taking these illegal sites down and their operations out of circulation. Another key weapon in fighting this serious waste crime in giving the public the correct information on ELV legislation.