Recycling Targets

The motoring industry was set a 95% recycling target for 2015 which it managed to meet but vehicle manufacturers are vehicle manufactures taking the credit away from the recycling industry?

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New Equipment

CMR ltd have expanded its ATF. With our newly purchased state of the art Green Car Depollution equipment we can now process more ELVs than ever before. Our new covered, weatherproof facility means we can depollute non-stop around the clock and throughout the year. We believe efficiency is paramount to our success in the business and know that expansion and investment will keep us ahead of our competitors.

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Scrap Car Waste Crime and the Web

According to the MVDA there are over 1,500 illegal car breakers and dismantlers operating in the UK, many of which use the internet to do business. As these scrap dealers are unregulated, the standard of practice at their locations inevitably harm the environment. They also create unbalanced market conditions and undermine the legitimate facilities efforts in providing a sustainable environmental impact. Read More